Welcome to Stone World

We have been developing and enhancing our skills since 1998 and it is since then there has been no looking back. We provide timeless pieces of art and history that provide an exciting opportunity for incorporating something unique into your interior or outdoor designs.

Jodhpur sandstone know commonly as Chhittar is in many ways superior to other sandstones from other parts of India and as well as globe. For thousands of years, sandstone from Jodhpur has been quarried and used in construction. It can be seen in form of archeological momuments strewn all around Jodhpur.

It varies in texture and is fine to medium and even coarse grained, massive hard and compact at places and porus sometimes. It is available is pink, brownish and reddish shades with beautifull natural grains and looks. Nowdays, tiles, slabes , cubes, cobbles, landscpaing stone are regularly available with blocks. While handcrafted or carving stone like pillars, designed, jali and wide beautifull momumental replicas are being made for exteriors and interiors.

We provide all types of stone work like Claiding Tiles, Blocks, Slabs, Leeriya ,Kadau Gate, Window, Jharokha, Jali, Pillars, Statue, Lamps, Fire Pot, Fire Place, Garden Furniture, other articles and all type of Fitting and Fixing Works. Our products are built to last for both interior and exterior applications and are also sustainable .